Our latest report on Wearable R&D

  • Knowledge we acquire

    Exploration of technology drives us to innovation.

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    • Apple WatchKit and Android Wear

      Our engineering team is well-versed with the latest Apple WatchKit SDK and Android Wear SDK, and we constantly experiment with wearable platforms to develop solutions for medical, wellness, productivity and corporate projects.

    • User-Centric Features

      We challenge our creativity to come up with ideal features and interactions for wearable devices that will incentivize more people to use them.

    • Design Thinking

      The particularity of wearable platforms – small screen, tactile contact, body movements – require a completely different development approach. We understand this and follow a human-centric design approach to create engaging user experiences for wearable apps.

    • Wearable Platform Limitations

      Wearables are still in their infancy. Technical limitations of wearable platforms restrict our possibilities. But on the other hand, they stimulate our creative thinking to develop apps for wearables around these challenges.

Want to know more about our solutions?

For us, experimentation is a way of life. We want to do new things. To invent. Naturally, we use our inventions in our own projects, but we also share them with others. Many of our experiments and solutions are available through open source licenses, and can be found on our Github , Dribbble and Behance pages.

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