Our latest report on Advanced graphics R&D

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    Exploration of technology drives us to innovation.

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    • High Performance Graphics

      We explore the possibilities of OpenGL to create 2D and 3D custom animations and visually compelling graphics.

    • 3D Graphics

      We use OpenGL and Apple’s Metal framework to render GPU-accelerated advanced 3D graphics.

    • Augmented Reality

      We do research in algorithms for video tracking to overlay artificial information about the environment and its objects on the real world.

    • Virtual Reality

      We don’t have any doubts that virtual reality will become a new medium sooner than we think. We’re seeing how we can shape the future of interactive virtual experiences on mobile platforms. This includes designing interfaces for virtual reality apps and creating 3D content for head-mounted displays.

Want to know more about our solutions?

For us, experimentation is a way of life. We want to do new things. To invent. Naturally, we use our inventions in our own projects, but we also share them with others. Many of our experiments and solutions are available through open source licenses, and can be found on our Github , Dribbble and Behance pages.

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