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    • Natural Language Processing

      NLP is one of the areas of artificial intelligence. We dive into three major tasks of this field of knowledge: question answering, speech recognition and text-to-speech.

    • Pattern and Image Recognition

      We develop methods of classification and identification of objects in images that are characterized by a set of certain properties and attributes.

    • Optical Character Recognition

      We build software that scans documents and images containing texts and converts them into documents that can be edited. With OCR we can transform images and photographs into searchable formats.

    • Text-based Sentiment Analysis

      We analyse and classify the polarity of a given text as positive, negative, or neutral with an aim to determine the writer’s tone. Sentiment analysis means better targeted marketing, faster detection of opportunities and threats, and protection of brand-reputation.

    • Recommender Systems

      We use semantic modelling, information retrieval and machine learning techniques for creating personalized recommendations within social, news, shopping, music, and other types of apps.

    • Motion Recognition

      We develop algorithms that understand human movement based on neural networks. Motion recognition is a basis for automatic exercise recognition, rep counting, and motion tracking.

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For us, experimentation is a way of life. We want to do new things. To invent. Naturally, we use our inventions in our own projects, but we also share them with others. Many of our experiments and solutions are available through open source licenses, and can be found on our Github , Dribbble and Behance pages.

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