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    Exploration of technology drives us to innovation.

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    • Databases

      Products differ on data characteristics, performance, ease of database administration and functionality. We do a careful needs analysis before we dive in and commit to an SQL or NoSQL database solution.

    • Reusable REST API Backend

      The vast majority of app development use cases can be supported with a reusable REST API right out of the box. We are working on a reusable REST API backend that supports general-purpose application development and offers support for Web standards like OAuth and SSL. Reusable REST API with general-purpose RESTful services decreases development costs and speeds up time to completion.

    • Data Storage

      When it comes to storing data, there is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution. Our client’s storage needs are always associated with applications, their data, and how and where our clients need to access those data. We look at a wide variety of solutions for data storage from on-premise solutions to cloud ones to ensure that our customer’s data is properly protected and retrievable.

    • Scalability

      We explore different methods for a highly scalable, real time Web service backend. This includes using specific languages for performance-critical logic, optimizing the system for horizontal scaling in order to add more machines into our pool of resources and optimizing for vertical scaling in order to add more power (CPU, RAM) to the existing machines.

    • Concurrency Control Mechanisms

      We achieve correctness of operations with good performance by combining different methods for concurrency control such as locking, serialization graph checking, timestamp ordering, and commitment ordering.

    • PaaS

      We explore “platform as a service” solutions such as Heroku that offer services to develop, test, deploy, host and maintain applications in the integrated development environment.

    • IaaS

      We are continually expanding our knowledge of “infrastructure as a service” solutions that provide resources that are distributed as a service: equipment, networking, data storage and hardware. With IaaS, we can outsource the complexities and expenses of managing the underlying hardware to the cloud provider, such as AWS.

    • MBaaS

      “Mobile backend as a service” providers offer a backend feature – complete with data synchronization, push-notification support, user management and file-handling – allowing us to reduce the time to market for our clients. We research available options to determine a MBaaS provider that fits in our client’s digital strategy.

Want to know more about our solutions?

For us, experimentation is a way of life. We want to do new things. To invent. Naturally, we use our inventions in our own projects, but we also share them with others. Many of our experiments and solutions are available through open source licenses, and can be found on our Github , Dribbble and Behance pages.

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