Taxi-hailing App Development

Uber’s international success has triggered an evolution of the taxi business. Today, more and more ride-hailing services are gaining ground against traditional taxis.

Key Features

People want a taxi service that is cheap, convenient, and comfortable. And they want to flag their taxi from a user-centric app.


In the past few years, taxi apps have popped up in many countries. To pull ahead of the rivals, a taxi-booking startup needs to focus on building a network of drivers and passengers and offering an equally pleasing experience for both parties.

Name Platform Feature set
Uber iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Apple Watch Uber lets customers travel in style. It offers fast, easy, and comfortable rides at the tap of a button. Since its introduction in 20xx, Uber has changed people’s perception of what a taxi is.
Lyft iOS, Android Lyft offers nearly the same set of features as Uber, but with an emphasis on the social component and the fun of ride sharing.
Arro iOS, Android Arro was created by NYC’s taxi industry veterans, allowing users to e-hail a regular cab. It offers functions much like Uber but with no surge pricing. Arror’s fares are metered. The app is viewed as a serious competitor to Uber [in the NYC metropolitan area].

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