Productivity App Development

The global market for business and productivity apps is set to grow to $58 billion by 2016. Mobility is a must for any competitive business, and therefore mobile productivity apps are a hot commodity.

Key Features

The goal of a productivity app is to make work easier, faster, cheaper, and more efficient. They help employees be more productive.


Productivity apps that targets business markets have a much better chance of generating sustainable revenue than those targeting consumer markets.

Name Platform Feature set
Evernote iOS, Android, web, Apple Watch, Windows, Mac Evernote offers digital notebooks for everything from keeping track of expenses and managing calendars to creating slideshow presentations and planning trips. Evernote syncs across all devices.
Wunderlist iOS, Android, web, Apple Watch, Windows, Mac, Windows Phone Wunderlist is a to-do list app which helps people capture their ideas, write down things they need to do, and note places to have to see. It offers an easy way to share lists with family, friends, colleagues, and publicly.
Trello iOS, Android, web, Apple Watch, Kindle Fire Trello provides a clean and simple format for tracking work progress in the Kanban card style. It brings structure to a workflow. Trello is simply great for managing teams.

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