Media App Development

Social platforms are the go-to source for news for many people. But with a channel-specific app, content providers can analyze reader demand more effectively and deliver the best content to their unique audiences.

Key Features

Developing a successful news app is about providing the best mobile reading experience and offering stories rich with different content – photo galleries, videos, and animations.


News apps face competition not just from other media outlets but also from news aggregators and social media platforms.

Name Platform Feature set
NYT VR iOS, Android NYT VR is a Virtual reality app by The New York Times. Stories featured in this app are reported by award-winning journalists in an immersive, 360-degree video format. Videos can be watched with or without Google Cardboard.
Buzzfeed iOS, Android, Apple Watch Viral content is what makes Buzzfeed successful. The app makes it easy for people to follow stories, customize notifications, and share stories with friends.
Flipboard iOS, Android, web, Apple Watch Flipboard is a personal magazine that collects stories from multiple publishers and social networks. Besides reading news, anyone can create a curated ‘magazine’ on Flipboard and start sharing articles from anywhere.

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