Project Management

Keep your project moving forward smoothly with a dedicated project manager.

QA Specialist

Requirements Analyst

Project Manager



Strategy first

We begin project development by crafting a project development strategy. This strategy outlines our development approach and defines the artifacts needed to draft a project development roadmap.


A software requirements specification, or spec, describes in detail how your product will work. The spec tells all team members what should be done to successfully complete your project.

Software Architecture

We structure our software systems using proven design patterns and principles that let us write clean, maintainable, and testable code. We plan project architecture during the planning stage

Testing Strategy

A testing strategy describes all testing activities such as testing types and methods that your project will undergo. It also defines software testing tools, and supported browsers and OS’s.

UX Prototype

We already begin building a prototype at the planning stage so everyone involved in the process can give feedback and so we can make necessary adjustments before we get to the design and development stages.

Proven expertise in creating
iOS, Android, and web apps


iBroadcast collaborated with us to build an audio player that allows people to store and to play back music from their own collection, accessible from any iOS or Android device. The app was featured in Smashing Magazine.

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Marketplace for people looking for cars.The app explains every car in detail,including on-road pricing, key features,expert video reviews, a closer 360 degree view and more.

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Entertaining social app that offers a fun way to alter audio and video recordings in real time.

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Visible progress at every phase of the project delivery

At Geeks Invention we largely use Agile development methodologies, but meeting the needs of each individual client often requires a hybrid approach. Openness, transparency, and visibility are critical to our development process regardless of the methodology we employ.

Project plan

budget and schedule

We make sure all your expectations and requirements are met, your team’s performance is measured, and your product is delivered on schedule and within budget. While we manage your project, you can focus on your business.

Cost Performance Index (CPI)
Schedule Performance Index (SPI)

Data-driven retpospectives

Frequent reporting makes our clients active participants in the development process – and members of our team. Our clients know all project details, including technical details. Below are some of the most important reports we provide.

Sprint report

Sprint reports keeps you up-to-date on your team’s progress with every sprint and visualize your team’s actual performance against estimated performance.

Retrospective report

Retrospective reports contain a list of problem areas identified during the past sprint and a plan for how our team is going to solve these problems in future sprints.

Budget report

Budget reports include all information about budget changes throughout the development cycle. This information helps you meet your financial expectations.